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Eliminate My Debt - Discover How You Can Take Back Control
Eliminate My Debt aims to provide you with the resources and tools that can assist you to take back control of your debts.
With proper help you can
Better Manage Your Debt
Lower your monthly repayments to an affordable level
Freeze interest and reduce your total interest liability
Negotiate with creditors to reduce your debt
Plan for a debt free future within 3-5 years
Put an end to creditor harrasment
Find viable alternatives to bankruptcy
You can get back on track
Although getting out of debt may seem like an impossible task at times. With the proper solution you can start taking back control and eventually, eliminate your debt.
Possible Solutions
The following are some of the solutions that can assist you to eliminate your debt
Debt Consolidation: This process assists you to reduce interest rates on your existing debts by combing them into one lower interest loan. The key benefits are:
Reduce your interest rates
Pay less each month
Repair your credit rating
Mortgage Refinance: This is where you work with a debt solutions company to help you pay off your debts and create a budget. The benefits are:
Interest is reduced
Reduces your repayments
Pay off debt faster
Debt Agreement: An agreement between you and your creditors to pay back your debt at an affordable level. This is managed by a debt administrator
Interest rates are frozen
Pay back debts at an affordable level. Most often your payments are significantly reduced.
Bankruptcy: A last resort that may address your financial situation:
Creditors stop calling
Many (but not all) of your debts are cleared after 3 years. This option has serious consequences and should be only used as a last resort.
Debt Elimination: A way to become debt free within 3-5 years